Domain- Eukarya
Eukaryotic cells, have membranous organelles.

Kingdom- Animalia
Mulitcellular animal, without cell walls or photogenetic pigments forming diploid blastula.

Phylum- Arthropoda
Body composed of head, thorax, abdomen, with three or more pairs of jointed legs, chitinous exoskeleton covering all body parts molted at intervals.

Class- Insecta "cut up or cut into" referring to segmentation
Three pairs of legs, head, thorax, abdomen, with two pairs of wings typically, some of the wings are one paired or more, one pair of antennae, one pair of compound eyes.

Order- Lepidoptera "scale wings"
Adults have four membranous wings covered with scales, some do not feed as adults and some lack mouth parts.

Family- Saturniidae                                                                                                                     "Saturnia" named after the Roman god Juno daughter of Saturn
Adults do not feed.

Genus- Actias                                                                                                            
Easily defined by the pale green colors of this moth along with all of the species being quite large. Also their "tailed" hind wings are another key distinct feature that can easily define these creatures.

 Species- A. luna
Pale green color with long tail wings, adults do not feed, grow seven to ten centimeters in length.


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