Aeshna sitchensis dragonflies are found mainly in the Northern part of the North America and most of Canada. Zigzag Darner is found in states like Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire, Utah, Wisconsin, Michigan, Wyoming, New York, and finally Maine ("Plants/Animal Records"). The Zigzag Darner likes to be in moist environments like shallow ponds, wet meadows, and marshes. They also do not like to be around a plentiful amount of plant life in the waters in the summertime. However, it varies due to their breeding sites when they are migrating. Sometimes they are seen by a bog that's covered in a layer of moss. Another time they would be seen by a bog by a woodsy area with little to no vegetation. Also, in the upper East of North America, Aeshna sitchensis can even be found in high elevation ("Zigzag Darner-Aeshna sitchensis").
     At the end of the summer, Aeshna sitchensis dragonflies migrate. A lot of people do not realize that other species migrate across the United States than just birds. They can fly up to fifty miles in a day while migrating! Due to their extremely great eyesight they follow landmarks for migrating like valleys, shorelines, etc. Migrating is essential for finding mates, food, and new environments (Preston).
     One problem concerning the Zigzag Darner's habitat is the pollution. Sometimes waters in their environment get polluted and causes the algae to grow very rapidly and becomes out of control. This is a problem for the Zigzag Darner, because the algae may take up other plant life like the higher plants. This is one of the main sites for their larvae to grow. Another worse problem is acts from humans. Deforestation, urbanization, etc destroy their environment for themselves and their offspring. Problems like these need to be made aware around the country, so species like the Aeshna sitchensis can survive and not become extinct ("Dragonflies and Damselflies").


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