The Breakdown!

Domain - Eukaryote
    This group has a true nucleus with membrane bound organelles.

Kingdom - Plantae
        Plants are primary producers, meaning that through photosynthesis they create usable energy with oxygen as a by-product. There is also a alternation of generation between phases.

Phylum - Anthophyta
        This phylum holds all flowering plants. Once fertilization occurs the flowers become fruits.

Class - Eudicotyledones
        These plants have two cotyledons, and net-like leaves. Their flowers are often parted in fours or fives with vascular bundles in the form of rings.

 This table shows how Acer saccharinum falls into the larger picture. These are classified by morphology.

Order - Sapindales
This order holds plants with wooded trunks and lobed leaves.

Family - Aceraceae
        This is the maple family. These are deciduous shrubs or trees that have two winged seeds.

Genus - Acer L.
The genus, Acer, is a branch of the maple family that have lobed leaves with three leaflets.
This tree shows how Acer saccharinum falls in with other organisms at a chromosome level - Acer saccharinum has 52 chromosomes, Acer rubrum has 56 or 78, Acer saccharum has 26.
Species - Acer saccharinum L.
Saccharinum means "with sugar".  The common names for this species is silver maple, soft maple, river maple, Wagers maple, silberahorn, and zilveresdoorn. They have 52 chromosomes in the diploid stage, and is morphologically different from all relatives.

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