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Where can this organism be found?

Acer saccharinum is a native species of North America, and is found in a large portion of the United States.  It is distributed east from Quebec to the tip of Florida, and as far west as Minnesota, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Sir Charles Wager introduced Acer saccharinum to Europe in 1725. This caused a different common name to arise, Wager's maple. In Europe, Acer saccharinum grows to be only half of its native size. -- This map shows the locations where Acer saccharinum is found.

Acer saccharinum is most abundantly found in areas with a moist, rich substrate.  It needs locations with between 32 and 60 inches of yearly precipitation; this is because of how the root system is laid out. Though it is most commonly found along streams and lakes, Acer saccharinum is occasionally found along gullies, and swamps. Locations such as the Mississippi River, and the marshland make the area of La Crosse a perfect habitat to find these organisms. Some organisms that are often found near Acer saccharinum are American elm, swamp white oak,  Bald eagles, wood ducks, Ganoderma applanatom, white-tailed deer, and poison ivy.

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