Welcome to the Mustela nivalis web site. I hope you enjoy the pictures and information available. Mustela nivalis is a very interesting animal.  This particular weasel uses interesting tactics to capture prey items and also has the ability to change its fur coloration by molting.
    I myself found the weasel to be unique and also a very cute critter. Although this creature looks like a fury friend, it wouldn't enjoy being pet but is fun to watch. It does however enjoy chasing prey items and inhabiting burrows.

Picture taken by Western North Carolina Nature Center Staff

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 Video of weasel lifestyle http://www.arkive.org/weasel/mustela-nivalis/video-00.html

                  Follow the footprints to learn about the weasel's family
The weasel will lead you through the information so just follow its lead by clicking on the footprints at the bottom of each individual page. You may have to run to catch up because this weasel is FAST!!

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