The Pink Mucket


The taxonomy for the Pink Mucket is as follows:
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: mollusca
Class: bivalvia
Order: unionida
Family: unionidae
Genus: Lampsilis
Specific name: abrupta
Scientific name: Lampsilis abrupta

The Pink Mucket would be classified in the domain eukaryota because its cells contain a true nucleus and would be in the kingdom animalia because its cells do not contain cell walls or chloroplast like a plant would have.  The Pink Mucket is in the phylum mollusca and falls into the specific group bivalve because it contains two shells.  The Pink Mucket can also be considered to be in the phylum molluska, because on the inside it is a soft bodied coelomate.  Although, unlike the other mollusks, the Pink Mucket does not have a radula (a unique rasping structure used for feeding).

Similar species include: Higgins Eye, mucket, fat mucket, plain pocketbook, hickory nut (click on any of these to learn more about them!)


Other common names include: ohio mucket, square mucket and tan mucket

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