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My name is Emily Probst, and I created this website for the organismal biology class that I am taking at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I chose to create my website about Mucuna pruriens because of its potential ability to help treat people with Parkinson's disease. One of my best friend's dad has Parkinson's disease, and I have seen how it has affected not only her father's life, but also her own life. It has been very interesting learning about how this species of plant has the possibility to help not only my friend's dad, but also other people with many other different diseases. At UW-L, I am a biology major with a concentration in biomedical science and a chemistry and Spanish minor. At this time, I am unsure what I would like to do with this major, but I'm thinking about studying to be a Physician Assistant. In the near future I would like to travel abroad someday, hopefully to Spain, so that I can test out all my years of Spanish class in a different country! I am also a part of the women's soccer team here at La Crosse, and besides playing soccer, I enjoy spending time outdoors and being active.



When I'm not studying in La Crosse, WI, I am living in my home in Madison. My family consists of my mom, dad, sister, and brother. At home, I am usually relaxing and spending time with my family and friends. To the right, is a picture of my 16-year-old  sister, Katie, my nine-year-old brother, Ben, and me.





Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at probst.emil@uwlax.edu.

Also, you can contact Dr. Tom Volk at volk.thom@uwlax.edu or Dr. Greg Sandland at sandland.greg@uwlax.edu,

and they would be happy to answer any other questions you may have.


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