Viened Octopus used with permission- Octopus using a coconut shell as protection used with permission-

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Hello, my name is Megan Johnson and I am a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am majoring in Biology with a medical concentration along with a double major in Spanish. My hopes for the future is to become a Physician Assistant. I was the author of the Habitat and Form & Function pages.

A fun little interesting fact about me is that I love to travel especially to Spanish-speaking counties where I am able to practice the Spanish language.

My name is Cole Cudd and I am also a sophmore at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am Exercise Sports Science major in the Pre-professional program, striving to become a Physical Therapist one day. An interesting fact about myself is that I enjoy hiking and backpacking. Backpacking in Costa Rica with my family was one of the most amazing experiences that I have had the opportunity to enjoy. I was the author of the reproduction and interactions pages.

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