Viened Octopus used with permission- Octopus using a coconut shell as protection used with permission-

The Wary World of the Coconut octopus

Hello everyone and welcome to our website on the Amphioctopus marginatus also known as the Veined or Coconut Octopus. Our website explores multiple aspects of the Coconut Octopus in detail as we cover: Habitat and geography, form and function, reproduction, and interactions the octopus displays. The Amphioctopus marginatus is classified as part of the Animalia kingdom and the Mollusca phylum for more information visit our Classification page.

These octopi get their name from the ability to use such things like a coconut as a tool for survival. Amphioctopus marginatus can be found in a wide range throughout the Indian Ocean spanning to the western Pacific Ocean, using ocean currents and their unique mode of transportation called bipedal locomotiononly which is only found in their species. For more information visit the Form and Function page.

These creatures vary in size, some may not make it past the planktonic stage of development, while others will grow to sizes of around fifteen centimeters long. The Coconut Octopus has a fairly typical color scheme with usually a dark colored body with contrasting white suckers on the ventral side. We encourage you keep exploring our site as we help you discover the secrets about this unique organism. A good place to start might be figuring out this creatures Habitat and Geography.

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