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     Allium sativum
has not made any noticeable adaptations by just looking at it. It looks very
 similar to most of the Allium genus when looked at from above. The biggest difference between
 garlic and other similar species is the way it uses and stores sulfides and sulfates. Both the sulfides
 and sulfates are stored in the bulb of the garlic, the part humans love to eat, and is used to help
 protect the plantfrom some sorts of predation. Most organisms do not like the taste of sulfides or
 sulfates or they cannot handle the dosage they would ingest by eating the garlic. Organisms that
 cannot handle the dosage would consist of some bacteria, protists, nematodes, fungi, and other
 such organisms. That is the only major adaptation that garlic has made over is genus relatives, but it
 is a very efficient adaptation for what it was designed for.



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