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Classification of Allium sativum

Domain - Eukarya
            ~This organism is multicellular.

    Kingdom - Plantae
                ~Uses photosynthesis for production of sugar (food), aka a plant.

        Phylum - Magnoliophyta
                    ~This is a flowering plant.

            Class - Lilopsida
                        ~This flowering plant is also a monocotyledon.

                Order - Liliales
                            ~This flowering monocotyledonous plant fits into this order of monocotyledonous plants.

                    Family - Liliaceae
                                ~This flowering monocotyledonous plant fits into the Lily family.

                        Genus - Allium
                                       ~This flowering monocotyledonous lily falls into the onion genus.

                            Species - Allium sativum
This flowering monocotyledonous lily from the onion genus is cultivated garlic.

Phylogenetic Tree for Allium sativum

Figure created by Kirk Gallant

Above is a phylogenetic tree for Allium sativum and it is based on the morphological and genetic classifications of the organisms. Along with Allium sativum, three other organisms from the same genus are listed. Going from Allium sativum down, it can be seen all the different groups that Allium sativum is related to. One example of a relative according to class is Zantedeschia aethiopica. Another relative that is even closer related to Allium sativum is Aloe vera, and they are in the same order.

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