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Habitat and Geography

     Allium sativum use to be a very abundant source of food and
 medicine in central Asia when it was wild. It has since been
 domesticated and grown around the world for its properties as
 a food and also as a source of medicine. Today this species is
 not really found in the wild, yet is cultivated extensively. Most
 if not all of the garlic that you see in the stores is Allium
     The geographical location for Allium sativum is relatively
 simple. Typically it is grown in a temperate climate, similar to
 those of central Asia. It can be found growing in the north and
 south hemispheres, but typically only by farmers.
     The image to left shows a field of Allium sativum being
 cultivated. The shoots are
visible and as shown all of the garlic
 is lined up in rows to make for easier harvesting.





The image to the right shows the distribution on Allium sativum in the United States and Canada. Looking at this it can bee seen that many other species of eukaryotes live alongside Allium sativum.





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