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Interesting Facts

Image from Microsoft Clip Art    Everyone has heard of the myth that vampires cannot stand the smell or taste or garlic, but why? The reason garlic has a very distinct smell is from the compounds it contains. Garlic contains allicin which is the main reason fresh cut garlic smells. Roughly after thirty minutes the smell is caused by a different compound known as diallyl sulfide. Almost all of the compounds that make garlic smell are sulfide or sulfate compounds. Most people recognize the smell of sulfur as that or rotting eggs, but the scent of garlic is not quite that bad. This bad smell is the first thing that will help prevent you from vampires.
    However, if the bad smell alone fails and the vampires are still after you, having eaten garlic will give you an advantage to staying alive. Not only does garlic have a potent smell when fresh, it causes the secretions of organisms that eat it to give off a faint garlic scent. The same compounds that cause garlic to have its distinct smell when fresh, it also causes the scent inside our bodies. Enough garlic has to be ingested, which is roughly a quarter to half an ounce per day, for most people have to have a noticeable odor because of the garlic. The vampires will be discouraged by this odor as well because it means your blood will taste foul do to the fact of the garlic's sulfates and sulfides.
    In general, garlic has its good and bad points, but to keep those vampires away make sure you eat your share and if need be, make a necklace.

Here is a site with an interesting song called, "The Garlic Song." The song was written by Ruthie Gorton, but is sung by Charlie King.

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