Bearded Dragons

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There are a few adaptations that help bearded dragons survive in their environment. The “beard” itself is helpful because the bearded dragon can appear larger to scare away predators. The beard is an “inflatable” area on its neck that can be changed to a jet black color. This adaptation adds greatly to its defense abilities.


Social gestures are another main adaptations of the bearded because they are very social animals. For example, bearded dragons wave to show their submission, or bob their head to show that they are challenging one another.


Since water can usually be pretty scarce in its environment, the bearded dragon rarely drinks from water sources instead it gets all its water needs from the prey it eats. They are extremely efficient at using the water from these organisms.


Climbing to bask in the sun or to escape from prey is a popular activity for these animals because they have great climbing ability. They are also able to burrow underground to avoid extreme heat conditions.