Classification of the Esox lucius

Commonly known as the Northern Pike


Domain: Eukaryota

The cells of the Esox lucius have membrane bound nucleus and also membrane bound organelles.


Kingdom: Animilia
The northern pike cells have no cell wall, it is multi-cellular, cells are organized into tissues, and is mobile.


 Phylum: Chordata
The Chordata contain a notochord, are bilaterally symmetrical, and has a true coelom.


Class: Actinopterygii
This class is defined as the ray-finned fishes.


Order: Esociformes
The order of Esociformes contains the mudminnows and pike. Its a small group of freshwater fish that contain 5 species of each the mudminnows and pike. Characteristics of these fish are long, streamlined, predatory fish, with the ability to achieve great bursts of speed, and have a insatiable hunger.  


Family: Esocidae
This is the family of pikes including 5 different species. The characteristics of these fish are duckbill-like snouts with long cylindrical bodies. These species can grow up to 1.8 meters and can weigh around 35 kilograms.  


Genus: Esox


Species: Esox lucius
They can be identified by a single dorsal fin, have light colored spots on a darker body, and also have scales covering their entire body except for the bottom half of the gills.
In English the name Esox means pitiless while lucius means water wolf.


Phylogenetic Tree

This tree was made from information from the journal of Comparative Biochemisty and Physiology Part B: Biochemisty and Molecular Biology

This phylogenetic tree is based on amino acid sequences. The sequence used was AANAT.


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