Interesting Facts


     Esox lucius are fascinating organisms and one thing that is interesting about them is that though they can live to be 30 years old in the wild but only live 6 years in captivity max because they will not accept artificial food. Something else interesting about pike is that they will continue to eat even when they have a full stomach and at times will chock themselves to death by trying to eat too many fish. Something that is amazing about these animals is how well they can blend into several different environments. On one of my fishing trips, I found myself fishing in a cove that was all sand and looking into the crystal clear water, I remember asking my dad what might all these logs would be doing here, then my lure went by one and it attached it. That log wound up being a 36 inch northern.
    The Esox lucius is an interesting species but before I found out all of the information on them, I liked them just because I am an angler. The reason for making thisMe and a 38 inch web page on the pike is because I have gone on several trips just to fish for them and have to say that they are one of the best fish to go after with a medium rod and a lot of spare lures. I figured since I liked fishing for them so much it might be good to learn more about them, since that could lead to knowing their behavior better which will give me an advantage fishing for them.
     If you are an angler and want to have some fun fishing and catching some monster fish I suggest you look for pike and its close relative the musky.








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