Interactions With Other Species


From Wikimedia Commons    Pike are excellent predators but like every organism there is something that feeds on it. Pike fall prey to several organisms, especially when beginning out life. As Eggs and small pike they serve as a food source for other fish, aquatic insect larvae, birds, mammals. Once pike get bigger they out grow some of their predators, but are still vulnerable to some. Adult pike are eaten by larger birds like a bald eagle and mammals such as bears.
     To avoid these predators, the Esox lucius has learned to blend into its environment, but no sort of camouflage can save them from parasites. Pike at times can be very vulnerable to parasites and can become heavily infected with them. One parasite that pike can become infected with is the broad tapeworm which is bad for us, because if not cooked thoroughly can infect humans. Pike also can be infected by trematodes that cause cysts to form on the skin of the pike. Besides being the main host for the above parasites, pike also serves as an intermediate host for the cestode parasite which goes on to infect lake whitefish.
    Though pike have skilled predators, the one that is probably the most dangerous is....... people. Pike are a sought after game fish throughout its distribution around the Earth.  Because pike are a wonderful fish to catch and people do not want them to become endangered some countries such as Canada has strict regulations on the fish and make sure most are caught and released. Another bonus for us is that people find pike to be a tasty dinner and in eastern Europe pike is even a commercial food, bon appetit.
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