These are photos of my dad and I from trips to Canada
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Me holding a 37 incherMe with a 38 incher




Me holding a gigantic 41 inch esox lucius


Me with another large northern pike


this is a northern showing its amazing ability to hit the speed boosters


                                          This really isn't a pike but is a walleye and one the food sources of the Esox lucius


This pike is around 40 inches


This is my father showing off a juvienile pike


                                  All of these photos are from fishing trips to the Artic Circle in Canada


More food for the Esox lucius



This is a walleye again but is is to show that i have actually seen walleye this big in pike's stomachs.


This is a 42 inch one and I had to use two hands to hold it up it was so heavy


Reviving a pike after a long battle








Just to show how large their mouth is; those pliers are around 6 to 7 inches long and fit completely into the pikes mouth


Me resting after a long day of fighting pike
























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