Esox lucius are extremely good predators which is a good thing for them since it seems their hunger for food never stops. To achieve the success pike have in capturing prey they have developed several adaptations. One place where the pike has developed is in its head region. Pike have a duck-billed snout with a terminal mouth and lots of small sharp teeth. With the arrangement of the head it allows pike to achieve a better bite on prey.
From Wikimedia Commons    Another area were the pike has made improvements is in the body. The color of the pike is darker olive or green with yellow-green spots. This pattern of colors allows the  pike to blend with the bottom and remain invisible to prey. Along with the pattern, pike have elongated and streamlined bodies with a forked tail.  This style of body allows it to achieve a quick burst of speed to capture prey. One last adaptations that pike have is that they can tolerate a wide variety of water temperatures, clarity, salinity, and oxygen content which allows them to hunt almost anywhere.
    Though adult pike have a lot of adaptations, the young are not exempt from having their own. After birth pike are equipped with a sucker organ that allows itself to fasten to vegetation or the bottom. Besides serving as a means to keep them from floating into a predator's path this organ also serves as a way of getting food such as zooplankton and insects.




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