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A horse at pasture or in the wild consumes most of its food by grazing.  They are also foods fed by humans such as hay, oats, grain.  Horses should also be fed some kinds of vitamins and minerals, this can be done with foods like as carrots and apples or vitamin and mineral supplements added to its feed.  A salt lick is also a good supplement for a diet.  Horses kept in a stall consume mostly hay fed to it by their owner along with the other food listed above.

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Once the horse has bitten and chewed the food it is mixed with saliva from the salivary glands. This adds the benefit of lubrication when swallowed, it also adds enzymes which help digest the food.  The food is then forced into the esophagus by means of the muscular action of the pharynx and pushed to the stomach through the esophagus from waves of muscle contraction.  There Hydrochloric acid and a digestive enzyme called pepsin are added which aid in digestion.  The stomach of a horse is small with a capacity of four gallons compared to that of a cow's rumen with a fifty to sixty gallon capacity.  Click
here to learn more about cows.  The food does not stay in the stomach long, therefore not much digestion takes place there.  Water also passes quickly through the stomach and small intestine and goes to the large intestine and caecum. Cellulose and roughage are broken down from fermentation in the large intestine and it is also the site where most of the nutrients from the food are absorbed.  The large intestine is divided into the caecum, large colon, small colon, rectum and anus.  The bacteria in the caecum and large colon is responsible for housing the bacteria which digest the cellulose.  The water is removed from the waste material in the small colon.  Last but not least the food moves through the rectum to the anus and is released.

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