Picture taken by Kelsey PostaPicture taken by Kelsey Posta

Domain:  Eukaryotes
Kingdom:  Animalia
Phylum:  Chordata
Class:  Mammalia
Order:  Perissodactyla
Family:  Equidae
Genus:  Equus
Species:  caballus

Horses are classified in the Domain Eukaryotes because they have cells that have organelles and a nucleus along with cytoskeleton.

Because horses lack cell walls they are considered to be in the kingdom Animalia.  Their cells are also organized into tissues which specialize in specific functions. 

Because they have a notochord, bilateral symmetry, bony endoskeleton horses are classified in the phylum Chordata.  they also, at some stage in development, have pharyngeal pouches, a well developed coelom and three germ layers are a few more reasons the horse is classified here.

In order to be in the class Mammalia horses have an anvil, hammer and a stirrup, which are each middle ear bones.  They also have mammalian hair and females produce milk via mammary glands.  Below are other organisms within the class Mammalia.

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Horses are considered perissodactyla because they are "odd-toed" meaning they have an odd number of toes on each foot, in the horses case they only have one left.  Also because the skull on the anterior part is elongated and they have 44 teeth.  They have a simple stomach along with an enlarged cecum.  Another reason is because they digest cellulose via bacterial digestion.

They are in the family Equidae because they walk on the tips of their toes.  Horses are heavily haired and have a mane on their neck.  Check out
zebras who are also in the Equidae group. 

Equus is the only remaining genus in the Equidae family.

Finally last but not least the genus and species of the horse are Equus Caballus.

Picture taken by Kelsey Posta

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