Domain: Eukarya

Fusarium circinatum contains membrane bound organelles and also has sexual reproduction.


Kingdom: Fungi

Fusarium circinatum have both sexual and asexual reproduction, have cell walls, and reproduce by spores.


Phylum: Ascomycota

Fusarium circinatum has an ascus for sexual reproduction and a conidia for asexual reproduction.


Class: Sordariomycetes

Fusarium circinatum functions as a pathogen and a endophyte of plants and arthorpods.


Order: Hypocreales

Fusarium circinatum is parasitic.


Family: Nectriaceae

Fusarium circinatum is a pathogen that affects plants.


Genus: Fusarium

Fusarium circinatum is sometimes dispersed in the soil and is in association with plants.


Species: Fusarium circinatum

This phylogenetic tree shows the relationship that Fusasrium circinatum has with all the other Fusarium species. In particular, F. circinatum is closey related the the F. subglutinans species. The two species used to be combined until recently when information came out that the DNA strains for F. circinatum were different than that of the F. suglutinans.


In this disease, the resin, or pitch, of the tree coats the tree for meters below the site of infection. This clogging of pitch is how the common name of pine pitch canker came about.