Habitat & Geography


Fusarium circinatum is found on many pine trees including Monterey Pines and Ponderosa Pines. To see another pine tree that may be affected check out the website about Virginia Pines. They may also infect Douglas Firs, although this is much more rare. The fungus affects the Monterey Pines located in California. The fungus prefers mild climates and coastal areas.


Monterey pine affected by Fusarium circinatum

The fungus was said to have originated in Mexico and began to move its way from to the eastern US and eventually to the western US. The disease has now moved world-wide. Countries such as Japan, Chile, Spain, and Italy are all affected by this fungus.Map of California showing where pine pitch cankers are located. For more information about where this fungus came from, check out this web site that tells of the origins of the pine pitch canker.