Perched Red-winged Blackbird


Domain: Eukarya

This means the organism contains cellular organelles, such as a nucleus.

Kingdom: Animalia

This means the organism is an animal ( a multicellular, mitochondrial-heterotroph).

Phylum: Chordata

This means the organism has, at some time in their life, had a notochord.


Class: Aves

This means the organism is a warm-blooded vertebrate with feathers covering its skin, and has limbs modified into wings.


Order: Passeriformes

This means the organism is a perching bird that lives near the ground.


Family: Icteridae

This means that the organism is an American songbird, such as the oriole, blackbird, bobolink, and the meadowlark.


Genus: Agelaius

Derived from ancient Greek meaning "belonging to a flock".


Species: Agelaius phoeniceus

Derived from the Latin word, phoeniceus, meaning "deep red".



Phylogenetic tree 


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