Amelanchier Canadensis leavesDue to being found in wet areas the Amelanchier Canadensis has become  very tolerant of hydrated soils. As mentioned in the habitat section the Amelanchier Canadensis has adapted to living in all types of locations including sandy and clay-like soils.


Unlike any other Amelanchier species cultivated Amelanchier Canadensis plants have thick glossy leaves that are able to withstand hot and humid summers. In these humid temperatures the plant needs to prevent dehydration by adapting the leaves to hold in the moisture.



At times during winter  temperatures can go the opposite direction get extremely frigid into the -40 degree Fahrenheit range.


The thick leaves also prevent the plant from developing a leaf spot fungi throughout the warm summers. However, there are some things that the plant has not been able to adapt to. Rust spots and mildew are some diseases that affect the growth of the Amelanchier Canadensis.