English Ivy is the common name for the species Hedera heliix, which is Latin for "coiling vine."  The English part of the common name was chosen for this plant because it is originally from England and the surrounding areas.  Because it is an evergreen plant, it got the name "Ivy," which means eternity.  Ivy is also the term applied loosely to any trailing or climbing plant.

 First introduced to the United States by European immigrants, English Ivy was brought into America for its ornamental purposes.  Because of its upward growth, many people would create designs by growing the plant over wire framework filled with sphagnum moss.  Growing up to 100 feet (30.5 meters) in length, this plant is one of the most interesting of its kind. Virginia Tech Department of Forestry

 Because there is so much more to learn about this plant, this website was created to allow you to step into the life of Hedera helix, so climb on up and take it all in.  Enjoy!


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