Life History and Reproduction

The yellow mongoose is dioecious which means the female and male are separate, and reproduce sexually.  The mating season is know to last from about to July until September.  Furthermore, the gestation period or the http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Vosmangoesten_zoo_Lille.JPG  (two yellow mongoose wikipedia commons)period when the young is developing inside the mother is about 42 to 57 days long.  When they are finally born, a litter may include just one pup or up to four.  The birth usually takes place in one of their underground dens or tunnels, and the den is cleared out prior to birth.  After birth, the female takes care of and feeds the young. It is not really known if the male partakes in this also.  They usually go about 10 weeks before being weaned, and it takes 10 months to a year for a yellow mongoose to be fully grown and sexually mature.  The life expectancy for a yellow mongoose is around 15 years.

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