Habitat and Geography

You will  find the yellow mongoose throughout the southern trip of Africa, so you won't be seeing any of them here in Wisconsin anytime soon.  Some of the specific countries in the southern tip of Africa that it inhabits are Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Angola.  It lives here because it prefers the dry, open areas. More specifically, this organism likes semi-arid areas like grassland and semi-desert scrub.  Here is a map showing the range of where the yellow mongoose is found.

http://www.theanimalfiles.com/mammals/carnivores/mongoose_yellow.html  Yellow Mongoose Range Map (Africa)


 Some other organisms that occupy its habitat are ground squirrels, meerkats, various insects and reptiles.  In the more northern tip of southern Africa, the yellow mongoose tends to be a more grey/yellowish color with a shorter tail and no white tip while the more southern yellow mongoose tends to be tawny/yellowish in color and have a longer tail with a white tip. Next, go learn how the yellow mongoose adapts to its environment!