Sabal palmetto

It's all about me


Howdy and hello there. My name is Benjamin Lincoln Madsen. I am currently a freshman at the University of La Crosse Wisconsin. I am a Bio medical major in the college of science and health. I hope someday to do something within the medical field.

I chose to do the organism of the Sabal palmetto because I always love going to the tropics when on vacation. My favorite thing about going to these tropical locations is seeing the palm trees. Being from Wisconsin I don't  see them around here that often. So it is exciting to know about and see something more exotic. Hopefully now you will have just as much of appreciation of the palm trees as I do.

During my free time I enjoy just hanging out with my friends and playing games in the dorms. I dove this last year with the UW La Crosse diving team but the season is now over. I was also a gymnast for six years and still enjoy tumbling around campus or just jumping on the trampoline.


If you have any question or concerns please contact me at