Sabal palmetto

Is someone there?


Picture taken by Mike JonesThe cabbage palm is a strong tree when it comes to diseases and parasitic organisms. There are a fair few that can harm the palmetto. Giant palm weevil, cabbage palm caterpillar, and many number of scales can infest the cabbage palm. Recently the giant palm weevil has transplanted palms and is able to kill them.

The Sabal palmetto can also suffer from Ganoderma butt rot. This is one of the most serious diseases of the cabbage palm for it kills the palm that it infects. When injuries occur on the lower trunk and roots area the disease is able to enter through these injuries.

Recently there has been a discovery of a new kind of cabbage palm killer. It is still unknown on what the parasite is that is killing of these palms. The disease begins in the lower leaves of the tree before eventually collapsing the entire canopy of the tree. To read the details on this new disease visit abc news.


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