Sabal palmetto

Where do babies come from?


The cabbage palm relies on pollination for reproduction. The flowers bloom between the months of April and August. They are pollinated by insects. Once pollinated the flower grows a fruitPicture taken by Bob/tsiya that is small, round and black. The fruit grow in the fall and is ripped during the winter. The fruit is then removed from the tree by wind, rain, or birds. The fruit attracts small mammals such as squirrels and birds who then digest the small seeds of the fruit. The small Seed from palm fruitanimals and birds help disperse the seed. The seeds are buoyant and salt resistant. For the palms near the coast, water acts as an important dispersal element as well. It is reported that seed survival is low. Only about nine percent of seeds survive. If the seeds are exposed to sunlight for to long of a period of time they will not germinate.


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