Sabal palmetto

home turf


The cabbage palm is able to grow in a variety of differentPicture taken by coolkiddo areas. The palm can grow anywhere from dry sand dunes to wet bottomlands, salt flats to cactus thickets. It is able to thrive in areas where it may be to hot or stormy for other trees to survive. The palm can be found along the coast of southern North Carolina and South Carolina just 12 miles from the coast. It can be seen in Georgia and mostly in Florida and Florida keys. It has been cultivated by the Hawaii islands, Bahamas, and Cuba as well. The palmetto grows on the bayside of coastal dunes in the northern ranges. In Florida it will grow periodically in flooded lowlands, relict inland dunes and ridges below 100 feet.

The Sabal palm possess many adaptations to help it live in these type of conditions.




US map




This map shows the distribution of the Sabal palmetto throughout the North American Region. You find that there is a strong concentration in the south eastern area around Florida.