Chinook Salmon

Lake Michigan Sunset  Taken By:Jerek Obry

What other creatures are influenced by the Chinook?

Interactions- The Chinook salmon has made friends and foes with many other species of the Animalia Kindom.  As youngsterSeagull Photo taken by: Jerek Obrys, the Chinook falls prey to a variety of predatory birds and shore fish.  Predatory birds range anywhere from eagles (Bald Eagle) to seagulls that will either attack surface salmon or prey on the dead and wounded.  While the surface is unsafe, so are the surrounding waters.  Freshwater predators of the salmon can include: pike (Northern Pike, Musky) and bass (Large-Mouth Bass).  Saltwater predators are numerous and consist of basically anything that is bigger and more aggressive than the particular Chinook that is seen as prey (Blue-fin Tuna, Shark).

While the Chinook has many predators it also has to be weary of the

lamprey.   Lamprey are aquatic parasites that latch onto fish and bore holes into the flesh of their hosts to acquire the internal nutrients.  Lamprey are familiar with freshwater environments and have recently been introduced to the Great Lakes by hitching rides on various vessels coming in from the St. Lawrence River.  Within the lakes they are seen as a nuisance and kill numerous game fish including the Chinook.  Rows of teeth adhere to the sides of Chinook and don't let go. result of the unwelcomed parasitic guest is an open wound that can lead to either a variety of pathological damages or death.

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