Chinook Salmon

Lake Michigan Sunset  Taken By:Jerek Obry

Why are these fish cool?

Interesting Facts-  

-The Chinook salmon is known by numerous names such as: King Salmon, Columbia Salmon, Tyee Salmon, Black Salmon, Quinnat Salmon, Spring97lb record Chinook caught by Les Anderson Salmon, Winter Salmon, Chub Salmon, Hook Salmon, Blackmouth Salmon, and Bill Salmon


-The world record Chinook caught by a sportsman weighed in at 97lbs 4oz.


-The world record Chinook was caught by a commercial boat and weighed 126 lbs.


-Both of the previous records were caught in Alaska.


-Salmon travel great distances (thousands of miles) over their life but will always return back to their “birth stream” to spawn. (see Reproduction/Growth)


-Salmon are excellent jumpers, reaching heights equal to their body length and more. (Watch)


-Chinook are the least common and the largest of all the Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus-genus)(see classification)


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