Chinook Salmon

Lake Michigan Sunset  Taken By:Jerek Obry

What do these monsters eat?

Diet- The diet of the Chinook varies with age and location.  In the early years the primary means of nutrition comes from various insects, small crustaceans, and plankton. they mature so does their appetite for fish.  Adults can be found feeding on juvenile fish from many species.  As for the Chinook that have adapted to live in the Great lakes of North America, their diet consists of almost 100% alewife.  This is bad news for the alewife roaming the fresh clear waters of the Great Lakes.
    In the Great Lakes, fishermen understand this simple diet of the Chinook and use it to their advantage.  Lures today are designed to attract the king of salmons by mimicking wounded alewives, the Chinook's favorite easy snack!Spoon Photo taken by: Jerek Obry

J-Plug Photo taken by: Jerek Obry

Fly and Dodger Photo taken by: Jerek Obry  
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