Averrhoa carambola

Classification of Averrhoa carambola

Scientific Name: Averrhoa carambola
Common Name: Star Fruit




  Domain - Eukarya
       Kingdom - Plantae
             Phylum - Tracheophyta
                 Class - Magnoliopsida
                       Order - Oxalidales
                              Family - Oxalidaceae
                                    Genus - Averrhoa
                                        Species - Averrhoa carambola




Domain: Averrhoa carambola is a multicultural eukaryotic organism.
Kingdom: Averrhoa carambola is non-motile, it contains a cell wall made of mostly cellulose,  and uses photosynthesis and is therefore part of the Plantae kingdom.

Phylum: Averrhoa carambola has conducting tubes called tracheae for transporting water and nutrients, which makes it part of the Tracheophyta phylum.
Class: Averrhoa carambola is an evergreen, and its flowers have a well developed perianths, which makes it part of the Magnoliopsida class.
Order: Averrhoa carambola leaves have a spiral arrangement, and it is a wood sorrel which makes it part of the Oxalidales order.
Family: Averrhoa carambola’s leaves alternate, and fold inward at night. Their flowers also have five pedals and sepals, which makes it belong to the Oxalidaceae order.
Genus: Averrhoa carambola has pinnate leaves, and is native to the East Indies which makes it part of the genus Averrhoa.



Phylogenetic tree:

This phylogenetic tree was constructed using the Angiosperm Phylogeny Based on matK Sequencing Information. Plasmid matK gene sequences for 374 genera representing all angiosperm orders and 12 genera of gymnosperms were analyzed using parsimony (MP) and Bayesian inference (BI) approaches. It shows that Averrhoa carambola and Averrhoa bilimbi are both from the genus Averrhoa. Averrhoa carambola has pinnate leaves and produces a fruit that is much sweeter than the fruit from Averrhoa bilimbi tree. Averrhoa carambola is also a shorter tree, with a lighter red colored flower compared to the dark red color of Averrhoa bilimbi's flowers.