Averrhoa carambola

Interactions with species

Overall, Averrhoa carambola is relatively free of disease and insect problems. However, it does still have interactions with several different species.




In Malaya, Dacus dorsalis are so densely populated that growers have to wrap the fruits on the trees with paper to keep the flies from destroying them.







Like most fruit trees, Averrhoa carambola  also interacts with the common fruit fly







Acrosternum hilare has also been found to feed on the stems of the Star fruit trees. This "green stink bug" is a common pest of plants that have a wide range of diversity.






The nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis, uses the roots of the Averrhoa carambola as one of its host. This parasitic relationship causes the destruction of the roots, which leads to death of the Star fruit tree.