Averrhoa carambola


Averrhoa carambola is an angiosperm, which undergo reproduction via alteration of generations. Star fruit tree's are dioecious, meaning that a male and female star fruit tree is needed to create a new tree. Averrhoa carambola's  pollination is not air born, but instead it is pollinated by insects. The two main insects that are responsible for the pollination of Averrhoa carambola are honey bees and sting-less bees.


http://www.genome.gov/Images/press_photos/highres/76-300.jpg  http://images.nbii.gov/ESellers/D_hi-res/IMG_0058.jpg

           Honey bee                                             Sting-less bees 


These bees are attracted to the star fruit trees because of its sweet nectar and the color of the flowers, as shown below.  


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