Averrhoa carambola

Fun Facts about Averrhoa carambolahttp://www.nps.gov/history/museum/exhibits/hstr/image/obj/roasterpan_exb_HSTR1909.jpg

Averrhoa carambola has been used to polish and clean metals for centuries due to the acidity of its fruit juice. It does a very good job at removing rust from the metal. The juice can also be used to remove rust stains from white cloth. 

Wood from the Averrhoa carambola tree is used to make furniture, and in construction.



In India, when the roots are combined with sugar it is considered an antidote for poisoning.  Also, when the fruit is ripe it is given to patients with hemorrhages, which reduces the bleeding or even halts their hemorrhages altogether. The fruit has also been dried out and given to patients to counteract fevers. 



In Brazil, Averrhoa carambola is commonly used as a diuretic.