Averrhoa carambola




 It is believed that Averrhoa carambola originated in Ceylon and Moluccas. (Moluccas pictured on the right)



Averrhoa carambola has been cultivated in Southeast China, Taiwan, India, the Philippians, Australia, and parts of the South Pacific islands for many centuries. In the 1880’s, Averrhoa carambola  was finally introduced to the United States when it was cultivated in Florida.


http://blog.usa.gov/roller/govgab/resource/images/sun.jpgThe plants from the genus Averrhoa typically like to reside in tropical environments. The ideal climate for Averrhoa carambola is tropical, but they have adapted to sub-tropical environments as well. Star fruit tree's grow best and bears the most fruit when they are in rich loam and have a lot of direct sunlight.

Star Fruit tree’s can grow in other mediums as well such as limestone, sand, and even clay.