Whole Kiwifruit Cluster On Vine - Photo provided with permission by Lieven Gekiere http://www.mygarden.org/plants/2055-Actinidia-deliciosa-JennyActinidia deliciosa is the typical kiwifruit that we think of in North America. However, there are a little over 50 different species that are more popular in Asia and Australia which is where Actinidia deliciosa originated. You can learn more about this origin as well as the history and habitat on this website.
The green, fleshy fruit that we eat is the reproductive product of a vigorous climbing vine with deep green leaves and white, fragrant flowers. This edible fruit is oval or oblong and has a brown, hairy skin which encloses a glistening bright green flesh with a white center, pale radiating rays, and tiny, dark seeds.Kiwifruit Flowers - Photo permission granted by "jun" under the Creative Commons license http://www.flickr.com/photos/sometimes-rains-in-jun/166398776/
Kiwifruit has become a very common commercially grown fruit and is very popular in almost all countries, worldwide.
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