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My name is Brady Long and I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I'm currently a Biomedical Science major with a chemistry minor. Other than studying almost everyday I also enjoy playing multiple intramural sports, being with my girlfriend/friends and relaxing (and naps!). When there are times that I am free and my dad is home from work (mainly in summer) I always want to be fishing as much as possible. Fishing is definitely my favorite outdoor activity and I could spend everyday out on the water weather I'm catching fish or not.


Another passion of mine is music. I have always loved listening to many different types of music such as rock, rap, dubstep and hip-hop/pop, but I'd have to say my two favorite are dubstep because of the bass beats and rock because of the drum beats. Why the drum beats? Well, I'm a drummer! Ever since I was little I was always tapping with spoons, my hands or whatever I could get me hands on, so once I got into middle school I started playing the drums. When I play, I play by ear. I had never learned how to read notes so I naturally started to learn songs just by listening to them. Other than playing in high school pep bands, I really only played on my own time and with friends. My senior year of high school, we started a band to enter into Wisconsin's high school battle of the bands competition. We didn't win, but it was an amazing experience. The picture above is of me playing on the $8,000 drum kit at the competition.


 As for life on campus I am involved in the Fraternity of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. We live by the code of being a "True Gentlemen" and also having fun with one another as brothers. I benefit greatly from this because it brought me into a group of people whom now many are very good friends, provides many opportunities for community service and has set study hours which allows us to go into a quite environment to study. With all of that plus being able to hang out with my brothers makes college a lot easier to handle.


Courtesy of Tom Volk

I chose to do the morel mushroom for my webpage because they have been a common type of food my family eats around April - May every year. As soon as I knew I could pick morels I did. Why? They are the only types of mushroom I can even stand the taste/texture of. I knew this webpage was going to be hard to make as information on fungi is often changing, but it was an interesting "journey" and I hope you learned as much as I did.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to message me at:

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