The Morel Mushroom

Morchella esculentoides

Courtesy of Tom VolkBy: Brady Long

The morel mushroom is a delicacy around the world and many people will pay top dollar to have them. This organism only comes around for a few months each year, but when it does, people search all over the place (or at least where they think they can be found) to get some of these amazing mushrooms of their own. But have you ever taken the time to think about how these delicious mushrooms grow and live in the wild as well as how they live amongst other species? Today you will find out.


Courtesy of Jeff Long

On this website, you will learn all about the Morchella esculentoides. You will learn how to properly identify morels in the wild as well as where to find them, how morels reproduce in order to keep the species going and keep the gatherers happy, their interactions with many other organisms in the wild and even some recipes to make this delicacy taste even more amazing! To start your journey I recommend checking out the classifications page and continuing on from there. Enjoy!



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