HabitatCourtesy of Color Line

Morels can be found all over the Northern Hemisphere. Mainly being in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia. The morels found in these parts of the world are currently either part of the black morel or yellow morel clades which was further studied and revised in Revision of Morchella Taxonmy .

Morels are most commonly found in forested areas around dead elm trees, Sycamore, apple trees, under wood scraps and Ash trees, but can also be found in other areas. They often tend to grow under objects on the ground as well because of the dampness under them (In Identification you will learn more about where to find morels in the wild).

As long as the morel was able to germinate, there will always be some form of the morel's mycelium underground. Their mycelium is protected by the sclerotium (See Reproduction) until the conditions are right . Once the ground is damp enough and the weather warm enough for morels to prosper (which tends to be anywhere from April to July depending on the location), Morels start "popping".  Now in these areas where the morels grow, other fungi such as the False Morel prosper as well.