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"And I'll Survive, I will Survive"

                Due to the fact that members of the crocodylidae family have been in existence for over 55 million years, they have been able to adapt adequately in many different environments. One of the more unique features that members of the crocodilians have is the location of the eyes, nostrils, and ears on the head. All three of these are located towards the top of the head, which allows these organisms to completely submerge in water and still be able to see, breathe, and hear by only exposing the top part of their head.Crocodylus acutus Submerged

                Another feature crocodiles possess, which is also seen in the alligators, is the ability to regulate body temperature by lying with its mouth open. On sunny days, crocodiles can be seen basking in the sun which on its own is a method of regulating body temperature, but they also open their mouths in a behavior called “gaping”. Both of these actions help allow the animal to keep a stable 77° F internal body temperature. It has also been speculated that these animals keep their mouths open to reduce the risk of a fungal infection by allowing the mouth to dry out. Basking also aids in digestion for crocodiles as it helps increase the metabolic rate as opposed to when the animal is in colder conditions the metabolic rate is slowed.


                Finally, the presence of a transparent eyelid allows crocodiles to go underwater and still be able to see very well. This is a huge advantage to these animals because they use stalking and stealth as primary means of hunting. Crocodiles also have a vertically shaped pupil that allows for extremely good night vision in these organisms. While these creatures have been evolving over the years, they have also developed a wide range of prey by which they acquire their Nutrition.