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      The American Crocodile is a large member of the Class Reptilia and is the most widespread of the four extant species in the Americas. People often confuse these organisms for a similar looking relative, the alligator. One of the most significant physiological differences between the crocodiles and the alligators is the overall narrower appearance of the crocodiles. From the narrow snout to the long, powerful tail, the crocodiles tend to be slimmer and less bulky. Also, these specimens have a grayish color to them with a yellowish underbelly compared to the dark green skin of the alligators. Crocodiles are listed on the endangered species list due to the fact that they were once poached for their hides to make leather, but recently the main source of endangerment to these species is the loss of their habitat. In southern Florida, the only location occupied by this species in the U.S, crocodiles are being pushed farther and farther down due to commercial development and increasing human interaction.


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       In may only be a matter of time before this group of crocodilians are gone, so we must appreciate them while they are still around! Join in me in learning more about these incredible creatures by selecting one the links on the side bar or move on to Classification.

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