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                By simply looking at the American crocodile, you could probably guess the means of how it acquires its food and also what kind of food it eats. Crocodylus acutus is a carnivorous reptile that has no natural predators and is able to feed on basically anything it can get a hold of. Because crocodiles possess long, narrow snouts and spend of most of their time in or near the water, the most common source of nutrients for these animals is fish. Virtually any species of fish occupy the same waters as the crocodiles are a target for consumption, but two of the more commons ones in Florida are bass and tarpon. Younger crocodiles tend to feed mainly on fish, insects, and small amphibians such as frogs. As crocodiles get larger, they tend to feed on larger prey.

                Another common source of food for these creatures is turtles. It might be crazy to think that a crocodile could consume a turtle due the turtle’s hard shell, but it is actually quite easy for a crocodile to break the shell due to its extremely powerful bite. Because crocodiles often lay at the edge of the water or are submerged near the water’s edge, it is not uncommon for larger crocs to take down a small to medium sized mammal that is along the shore. If a largAmerican Crocodile Feedinger prey item is captured, a unique behavior is then exhibited by crocodiles to kill and consume it. Once it has a grip on its prey, crocodiles will then drag the prey into the water and begin to roll over and over again in the water and in doing so will drown its prey. After the animal has been killed it will be swallowed whole, but if it is too big to swallow in one bite the crocodile will begin rolling again and will tear of bite sized pieces one at a time. Check out this video to get an idea of a crocodilian taking down a large animal.

                After these animals acquire all of these nutrients, where does it all go? Like all other members of the reptiles, crocodiles have a digestive and closed circulatory system. The stomach of the crocodilians is unique because of one feature that separates them from any other organisms. The first part of the stomach is powerful and muscular which is not too unique, butProperty of Britannica Encyclopedia the second part of the stomach consists of mainly stomach acid. This stomach acid is known to be the most acidic of any animal and is able to breakdown basically any part of its prey. The circulatory system of these animals is also extremely unique and is considered to be one of the most efficient circulatory systems in the animal kingdom. The heart is made up of four chambers, which is unlike any other group of reptiles. One of the reasons for being considered the most efficient systems is the mechanism of shunting blood. To briefly sum up what happens in the shunting process, deoxygenated blood is shunted away from the lungs and can go directly to the stomach instead of back to the heart, which is thought to aid in the process of creating such highly acidic stomach acid.

Just as these organisms have a unique circulatory system, they also have a specialized set of events that they must carry out to Reproduce.