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        Crocodylus actus can be found inhabiting both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean coasts in North America, Central America, and South America. The only region this specimen can be found in North America is in the southern part of Florida, mainly in Property of Crocodilian.comthe swamps and backwaters such as the Everglades. On the other hand, these crocodiles can be found all throughout Central and the northern part of South America including Venezuela, Columbia, and Ecuador. The vast majority of countries off the southern coast of Florida and Central America inhabit the greatest numbers of these specimens.
         The American Crocodile has a very unique range of environments in which it lives in, but all are aquatic locations. These animals tend to live in freshwater rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, but can also be found inhabiting brackish backwaters. Brackish water refers to water that has a higher salinity than freshwater, but not as high as saltwater. Examples of these are estuaries and swamps, areas where freshwater and saltwater often meet. There is one specific case of the Crocodylus actus living in a landlocked hyper-saline lake, which means the lake has significantly higher levels of salt and other minerals than the ocean. This group is located in the Dominican Republic and is known to be one of the only groups of Crocodylus acutus that inhabit such an environment.Florida Everglades Are you beginning to wonder what sorts of characteristic separates these crocodiles from other the crocodilians and alligators? Well move on to Adaptations to find out what makes these animals special.