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           Because the crocodilians are secondary consumers and also top predators, they tend to be higher up in the food chain and therefor have a predatory relationship with many species of fish, turtles, and small to large mammals. Due to the fact that crocs spend much of their time in theSmallmouth Bass water, it is not unusual for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and certain species of fish that are over populated to be the main course for most meals. Another popular meal for the American crocodile is a turtle. One species of a turtle that these animals tend to prey on is the Chelydra serpentine, or the snapping turtle. Due to the incredible amount of force that crocodiles bite down with, breaking the hard shells of turtles is actually quite an easy task. When it comes to larger adult crocodiles, they sometimes tend to feed on larger prey sources to acquire enough nutrients in one meal compared to eating numerous small meals. One mammal that has been observed being preyed on by crocodiles is the White Tailed Deer. When the deer wander down to the water’s edge, they are unknowingly being watched and stalked by the crocodiles. Slowly, the croc begins to inch closer and closer to the unsuspecting deer until it is just a few feet away from its prey and then bam! The crocodile will clamp down on the deer and drag it into the water to drown it and once it is dead will proceed to consume it.

                Due to the fact that Crocodylus acutus lives in a normal habitat and not an extreme one, there are numerous other organisms that share the same habitat. One of the moCougarre common ones that people think of when they picture a tropical habitat on the coast is the bottlenose dolphin. Wild boars, a common relative of the pig, also tend to occupy the same habitat as the American crocodile, especially in southern Florida where wild boar populations are jumping through the roof. Another animal that people would probably not think to associate with the crocodile is the cougar, or Puma concolor. These large cats can be found in southern Florida and also largely in Central America. Along with the White Tail Deer, the domestic cow is also sometimes a target for larger crocodiles when they are along the shores.
                Although American crocodile attacks on humans are rare and far from a problem, humans have been impacting the American crocodile population for a very long time. The main impact that humans have had on the crocs is the disruption of their natural habitat by clearing out forests and implementing new developments. Before the 2000’s, the American crocodile had been listened as endangered by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, but as of 2007 this species of crocodiles has been downgraded to threatened. Due to this, they are still protected from harassment, poaching, and killing under Federal Law. Prior to restrictions, crocodiles were hunted for their skin as it was used for handbags, clothing, shoes, and other products. In the southern U.S and Central America, the American crocodile was also hunted for its meat. Today alligators and snakes are the main source of reptiles used in textiles. As far as Crocodylus acutus being a sustainable food source for humans, they are notCrocodile Wallet considered sustainable due to the fact they are protected. If the population of crocodiles were high enough, they would be hunted for their meat just as the American alligator is. In the future if the population continues to recover as it is now, it could be a possibility that humans return to hunting the crocs for their meet and using them as a sustainable food source. Continue on to learn more mind blowing facts about the crocodilians.
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