Why is Rheum rhabarbarum so abundant in Wisconsin?!


Wisconsin is definitely a great place for rhubarb to grow, the conditions are ideal for very abundant growth during the summer months, as you saw in the habitat section.



Although rhubarb, similar to lots of other plants, likes to be in its ideal habitat, that cannot always happen. Fortunately, for rhubarb, it is very tolerant of different conditions and is generally able to grow in a variety of environments.

Although rhubarb can adapt to many different environments, as you read in the habitat section, it does best in a temperate zone where temperatures don't ever exceed 75°F (24°C).

Rhubarb can adapt to many different soils, ranging from high acidity to low acidity and very moist to fairly dry. The ideal acidity of soil for abundant rhubarb growth is between pH 6.0 and 6.8, but it can tolerate a pH as low as 5.0 and above 6.8. Rhubarb will also grow best in soil that is well-drained and moist. Like many other plants, rhubarb does not like to grow in soggy soil, but it will adapt and grow in soggy soil as well as fairly dry soil. This is a successful rhubarb plant, if it is grown in dry hot conditions it will be wilted and not full like this image shows.

The most important thing to remember about rhubarb is that it is very tolerant of its environment. Like most plants though, it will have the most abundant and successful growth in its ideal conditions.


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